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Super Fantasy Kingdom » Face reveal for 5000

5000 Discord members!

That number is unbelievable on its own. A milestone. To have so many people interested in the game is crazy. But what I’m even more surprised is the general atmosphere. I see so much respect, good discussion and fun. Nobody spoils or trolls, but so many are helpful. It just feels like we all have the common goal to see a good game. That is so very motivating for me. And it already had a big impact on the game in just a few weeks.

So again, thanks!

Join the discord community!

I wanted to just forget about this interview, but well gotta give something back 😉


Demo Build #33
– Merchants offer can be rerolled now
– Tavern marker showing who eats goes up and down instead of flickering

– Reworked Crossbowman
– Reduced Satyr and Dinosaur knockback by ~20%
– Reduced Gremlin scaling damage by 30%
– Reduced Lizard cooldown by .25s
– Reduced Jester cooldown by .5s
– Increased Fighter base shield by 1
– Increased Ghost base and scaling damage by 25%
– Increased Whraith cooldown by .25s

– Fixed level up screen stats being wrong
– Fixed directional attacking units not alternating when placed on gate
– Fixed Monk rank 3 description

Demo Build #34
– World events and guest offers are predefined now
– Geologist chance increases when they find a sign, but it resets when they find anything else

– Knight does not follow targets endlessly anymore
– Crossbowman does less damage the more often he hits the same enemy
– Reduced Crossbow scaling damage by 50%
– Reduced Crossbow’s bolts movement speed by 15%
– Increased Crossbow’s base damage from 2 to 4

– Clear tooltip before going into tavern

Demo Build #35
– Saves have backups now in case of crashes during saving or accidental resets
– Geologist findings are predefined now
– Moving a unit resets its cooldown
– Day does not end while there is no tavern
– Changed thickets flower color so it does not get mistaken as bush
– Linked Wiki in main menu

– Lich is Mage now
– Jester is Ranged now
– Shaman’s Doe getting hit does not count as breach anymore
– Shaman’s Doe spawns directly in front of the first unlocked unit spot in the column
– Reduced Crossbowman damage scaling by 25%
– Reduced Lightning Elemental damage scaling by 25%
– Increased Sharpshooters cooldown from 0.5s to 0.75s
– Improved Deathpriests hitbox

– Fixed total statistics only counting the last two days
– Fixed Jailer achievement (untested)
– Fixed exit animation when skipping Merchant or Witch
– Fixed an error when Shaman’s Doe gets spawned

Demo Build #36
– Tavern summary screen!

– All monsters have a bit less health

– Fixed bug in worker path finding that prevented some routes
– Fixed unit buildings displaying unscaled stats

Demo Build #37
– Improved knockback to feel a bit more natural
– Improved timing on skipping tavern summary
– Added experience amount to tavern summary
– Level always visbile in tavern summary

– Reduced cost of Demolisher from 5 to 2 ingots
– Reduced Ghost passive buff for dark damage from 50%/100% to 20%/40%
– Reduced Treant passive buff to health from 5/10/20/50 to 3/6/12/24
– Reduced Lich’s damage scaling by 50%
– Reduced Archlich’s range by 40%
– Increased Pixie damage scaling by 15%
– Increased Monk damage scaling by 5%
– Halfling’s shot have a little knockback

– Fixed some items only applying their effect after a unit gets moved
– Fixed triggering attacks or passives by moving units
– Fixed a few stats not resetting properly
– Fixed no icon in tavern summary when units get nothing to eat
– Fixed Treant rank descriptions

Demo Build #38
– Reworked animal spawns
– Each morning one new animal spawns, but only when there are less than three animals in total
– Whenever a thicket gets destroyed (by the demolisher) one additional animal spawns

– Units health value gets displayed when hovering over its button
– Improved performance of damage numbers and status effects greatly by reusing them

– Reduced Marksman damage scaling by 30%
– Reduced Marksman health scaling by 50%

– Fixed Armor’s upgrades

Demo Build #39
– Damage against shield is always displayed in blue damage numbers
– Added support for crits to blue damage numbers
– Boss chest can be rerolled
– Boss chests use predefined randomness
– Spawned animals use predefined randomness
– Resources in the world use predefined randomness

– Breaches do not affect glory anymore (temporary test)

– Fixed dead units getting experience
– Fixed heal status using burning fx
– Fixed moving a unit after it started an attack could lead to problems
– Fixed Shaman spawning doe at the wrong position
– Fixed the game trying to spawn animals on exit
– Fixed empty line in UI after banning

Demo Build #40
– Added effect dictionary system that displays explanations next to unit sheets and item cards

– Marksman increased range by 20%
– Djinn increased damage scaling by 25%
– Cyclops reduced cooldown from 3.5s to 3.4s
– Skeleton reduced buff for dead units by 50%

– Reduced Jailer achievement requirement to 89

– Fixed Knight’s ability Inspire
– Fixed bleeding status having the adverse effect

Demo Build #41
– Separated curse from hero powerups
– Curse levels get unlocked by beating the demo instead
– New selection for curse level once unlocked
– Removed hero powerups revival, curse and magnet

– Doubled price of hero powerup Banish