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Pact of the Ancients - 3D Bara Survivors (nsfw) » Exploring the gameplay

Hello everyone.

Today we’ve come to talk a bit more about Pact of the Ancients’ gameplay mechanics, which you’ll get a closer look during the livestream we’ll be hosting here on Steam on August 1st. Especially for those who haven’t had any contact with the game yet, we invite you to play the demo available on game’s page!

We can start by saying that each character has an initial active skill that sets them apart in terms of gameplay, especially during the first few minutes of the game. This mechanic creates diversity and introduces distinct playstyles, as each initial skill offers unique advantages and limitations. You’ll be able to play with all the characters as you unlock them and experience different ways of playing.

There will be more than 10 different options of active abilities that can be upgraded, in addition to the initial active skill. Each ability can be upgraded up to level 10 as you collect XP gems. Choose wisely, as you can equip up to 4 of them per playthrough!
Additionally, there will be general attributes that can be individually upgraded later on, such as intelligence, lethality, speed, strength, and much more.

As you advance in the game, the monster hordes grow denser and more resilient, leading to progressively intense challenges.

The player itself has no maximum level. In other words, survive as long as you can, and you’ll become increasingly stronger!

Moreover, you’ll be able to collect achievements as you progress through your runs.

One more glimpse of the game’s visuals.

We hope this summary has sparked your interest to see it all up close in our livestream on August 1st! Add Pact to your steam wishlist and join us on our Discord channel to stay tuned on everything.