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Project Lazarus » Experimental 5E5 Released!

Alpha 5.5 Experimental Release Notes
  • Added per level model for Drone Pod
  • Added per level model and animation for Orbital Striker’s projectile
  • Added boss HP bar (Stages 1~4)
  • Added button prompts for all buttons (even for Keyboard)
  • Added skip intro voice prompt text
  • Added full keyboard short cut support for the lobby
  • Changed Tactical Nuke drop radius to be slightly larger
  • Changed Drone Pod spawn behavior to be distributed equally between other pods
  • Changed Drone Pod critical scale to 80% from 30%
  • Changed Specter Damage from 70 -> 345 (See below for more details)
  • Improved Orbital Striker to drop relative to screen space rather than a fixed radius
  • Improved Orbital Striker projectile animation
  • Improved upgrade panel UI to better show increase and decrease of reroll/skips
  • Improved input detection and some cases of double register
  • Improved intro sequence with simple animations
  • Improved multi-threading
  • Fixed announcer voice not pausing when entering menu and mid upgrades
  • Fixed rare cases of key clashes when returning to the game from menu
  • Fixed skip intro incorrectly displaying buttons
  • Game engine upgrade

Drone Pod spawn limit was changed from total pool (28 total) to per weapon (5, and 8 post evolution). This means that per weapon damage decreased as the number of total drones spawned is now limited early game. To balance this, the damage and the critical rate was adjusted – also accounting for the need for the damage buff.

Please note that while this patch is not particularly unstable, I’ve only had 2 days to QA. The usual interval between regular patches is about 3 weeks and I did not want to delay any further. I will be QA’ing the build for few days and it may receive some announced fixes (if required). If you come across one, kindly report it via the forum.