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EON Fighter » Expanding the EON universe!

The EON Trooper demo is now available!

Following the decline of diplomatic relations between humanity and alien civilizations, a galactic war for territorial control erupted. This was not just a war in space. The conflict seeped down to planet surfaces, where fierce battles are waged. The universe of EON was plunged into total chaos and every needle point of land became a potential battlefield.

In this chaotic landscape, an elite team known as EON Troopers emerged. They are not ordinary soldiers, but a specialized group that has undergone rigorous training not only in combat tactics, but in subterfuge, espionage, and sabotage also. The EON Troopers are humanity’s last line of defense and its deadliest weapon against its enemies.

Try the demo and dive into a whole new adventure today!

And as always if you have suggestions, criticisms, ideas, let me know!

Thank you so much!