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Enter the Gungeon » Enter the Gungeon: A Farewell to Arms is Live

A Farewell to Arms is the final, goodbye, expansion to Enter the Gungeon that extends and further refines the original game with new features and variety. For the first time since the release of the base game, you can take control of two new secret characters, the randomized Paradox and the [REDACTED]. Experienced Gungeoneers will also explore the new secret area filled with new enemies, face off against a unique new boss, and go nuts with the community inspired Rainbow Mode!

Continuing in AG&D’s tradition, the Gungeon is more inviting than ever: a buff pass has been made on a huge number of guns and items, making red chests more consistently good, along with a huge number of fixes and quality of life improvements.

And of course, there are plenty of New Guns, New Items, and New Synergies!

Here is a breakdown:

Your constant killing of the past has created a time rift, things are getting wacky! This new character starts with one random starter gun, one random gun, and one random item.

There is absolutely no way to ever guess what this second secret character is, so don’t even try. Play it yourself!

Enter the most hiddenest chamber of the Gungeon, the RNG department! Weird and horrible enemy hybrids await!

The new chamber has a boss, why wouldn’t it! Turn your sound up for this one, we hired a professional.

Ever wanted to see moooooore RAINBOW CHESTS? Well, meet Bowler! He has a new mode for you… its RAINBOW MODE! Each floor drops a rainbow chest, you can pick any ONE item per floor, but that’s all you get! Choose wisely! Also we stole this idea wholesale from the community, it was a really good idea! Good job everybody!

This effigy of the mighty Beholster is missing his weapons! What might happen if they were brought to him? WHO CAN KNOW!?

35+ brand new guns and items, like the Fat Line, which shoots bullets backwards through time! (and walls!), and the Ticket to the Gun Show, which calls in a favor from Gatling Gull!

A bunch of them! Like this one that gives the Mr. Accretion Jr. bullet moons! Far out!

Alternative costumes are now complete!

“More powerful more often” – Many guns and items have received buffs, A tier guns & items are more evenly strong, almost all changes are based on community feedback. Some notable changes are: the cardboard box now let’s you go invisible at will, right in front of enemies, and Starpew … is less bad. The Ruby Bracelet even has a new quest to improve it.

Boss health bars turn transparent when the player is under them, the Robot can now use shrines that take health, fixed a bug where if you played lots of runs in a row you could get an unhealthy amount of wall mimics, hidden features of items have been largely made explicit in the Ammonomicon entries, some performance improvements (most noticeable on the Switch version)… other stuff!

GASP! The most hated feature of Gungeon has been adjusted a nigh insignificant amount!

She #&%#’n finished it! It is OP as hell.

Secrets and More:
There’s a new variant of a hard enemy waiting to be put down, along with a few other things we won’t mention here.

Final thoughts:
We have been working on Enter the Gungeon for five years now… we are extremely excited to finally consider Gungeon complete, and to move on to new projects, with the release of this final update on the three year anniversary of Gungeon’s launch. We sincerely hope you enjoy what is included. And of course, there will be bugs, but hopefully much less than AG&D (we allocated much more time for testing) and as usual we will work as quickly as possible to fix them. If you want to aid that process, please send an email with your log file to:[] Finally, thank you so much for supporting us for the last few years. It’s been a ride. ENTER THE GUNGEON may finally be complete, but the Gungeon remains.

As always, link to full patch notes here: