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IDIOTIC (The Game) » Enemies Update Is Officially Out!

Change log:

-Improved the spawning in both Destruction and Arena
-Made the arena end after 25 minutes
-Fixed the save files getting messed up every update (I swear this is the last time your XP will reset)
-Added cloud saving!
-Improved performance
-Hid a secret
-Fixed getting less XP when pressing retry after dying
-Fixed a bug where the XP was calculated twice, now you might be getting less XP than before so this might require some balance changes later on following your feedback
-Fixed a bug where your coins would disappear if you were exiting
-Fixed a bug where you would get a different amount of coins than before if you went into a mission
-Fixed a bug where you could still ADS while reloading. Now you’ll exit ADS when you’re reloading and return to it once you’re done
-Fixed arenas not ending after 25 minutes
-Fixed a bug where the enemy counter would get out of sync and drop the barriers in Destruction even when there are still enemies
-Made the rest of the melees spawn a projectile like the Laser Katana but invisible and weaker to help with hitting multiple enemies at the same time
-Added health bars to enemies! shows up after you hit them. bosses have a different color
-Made the “Ouchy Effect” when you’re low on HP sable with your max HP and be more visible
-Added a Mistwall that spawns at the back of every Mini Arena in Destruction so you could back trace beyond the last Mini Arena you were in
-Made the player gain boosts via “Chaos Stage” meter that gets filled with XP you earn. When you reach the limit you gain boosts.
-Removed boosts from the reward pool in Destruction
-Removed the rewards every minute in Arena (but didn’t change the mission description, too late now. I’ll do it in the next update)
_Improved performance in Destruction so it won’t load tiles further horizontally than the player (that’s different from the rest of the performance upgrade)
-Capped the minimum damage the melees do when you’re moving below 1JU to the base damage of the melee
-Fixed a bug in Mini Arenas the causes the the MA not to start when the player enters but to pop up the barriers and UI

Added new enemies!
-Purple Neon Stringler Boss
-Spawner Boss
-Zombie Boss
-Spawner enemy (spawns mini Kamikaze (aka Kami) and homing projectiles)
-Mini Spawner enemy (spawns new Bombardments that teleport to the player’s location and activate after a sec. Run away from the player as they know what a chad they are)
-Kami -Small Drones (burst projectiles and homing stun projectile that removes your velocity)
-Exploding Suits now spawn a bombardment that doesn’t teleport when they die, also slightly buffed
-Yellow Suits, higher HP, bigger, meaner, shoot bigger projectile that does more damage
-Red Suits, higherer HP, biggerer, meanerer, use shotguns
-Purple Suits, highererer HP, biggererer, meanererer, shoot homing projectiles. Has a chance to spawn with a spawner orb above their heads that spawns Kami every once in a while
-White Gold Suits. Weak ‘beta’ suits that run away and give a coin and extra Xp when killed. Might run off to The Alt when hurt.
-Made Alt Zombies more aggressive