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Nova Drift » – Enemies 2.0 Part 3 Is Live –

This update introduces new alternate bosses, updates old bosses, adds 21 new Steam achievements, a glossary, several mod overhauls, and many balance changes and fixes.

Complete List of Changes:

New Nemesis Bosses

Now, each boss encountered at waves 20, 40, 60, 80, and 100 has an alternate version that may be encountered if the Challenge Mode: Nemesis is enabled. Additionally, these bosses can all be encountered “in the wild” at high enough waves.


Dweller is immensely tough, but shares its vitality with its minions. Pare them down and know victory.


Dreadnought will challenge your reflexes and positioning as you find a safe angle of attack and choose your moment. Each of its guns that you destroy limits its attacks and strips its defenses.

Additionally, we’ve given some of the older bosses (Spitfire, Scion, and Warbringer) a fresh coat of paint. Spitfire even learned some new attacks.

Guardian Overhaul

We recieved a lot of feedback that the Guardian should better compete with its Interceptor alternative, so it has risen to the challenge. In addition to being more capable in combat, the Guardian has received upgrades to its mods.

Echo Strike has been replaced by Nanotech Dissemination, providing a means for it to redirect the damage you and your constructs receive to itself. Then, based on the amount of damage redirected, it creates a shower of power-ups when destroyed. Also, Echo Strike is now less needed since the Ally basic attack now deals innate splash damage.

Medi-Charge has been updated with a new power that allows the Guardian to also redirect self-damage from you or your advanced constructs. Fire at will!

Saturation Fire Upgrade

Sustained-firing builds needed a little something to compete with alpha-striking builds. Saturation Fire can now reward you for keeping those bullets flying.

New Achievements

What’s Next?

The only real obstacle to full-releasing the game is creating the final boss, and the game’s ending, so that we can finally allow “Endless” mode to be disabled. However, there’s still polish that we’d like to add before we call the game complete. We’d like to make at least one more update before we tackle the ending. Here are some of the things we’re considering addressing:

  • New Weapon Gear: Swords
  • New Weapon Gear: Flail
  • Gear adjustments: Specter
  • Mod Adjustments: Ally Interceptor mod tree
  • More mods compatible with Ally Interceptors
  • Mod Rework: Antimatter Rounds
  • Mod Rework: Displacement
  • Enemy spawn improvements
  • Visual effects iterations

Thanks for reading. Best wishes,

Chimeric / Jeffrey Nielson