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ArenaMania » Endless Update

After a long time, the game’s third game mode, Endless, is finally here!

As the name suggests, this game mode has no end. Here, the player can test themselves to see how far they can endure the onslaught of increasingly challenging levels.

This game mode is entirely separate from the others, so no one should expect to rely on spells acquired during the campaign. Each run starts completely from scratch.

Of course, the player receives assistance during the trials, but they must survive long enough to obtain them, so buckle up!

Although we feel that we have thoroughly tested everything before the release, it does not mean that there cannot be any bugs. If you find anything, please report it, so that we can fix it as quickly as possible.

We will soon introduce the last, hardcore game mode, which will bring the game to its 1.0 version.

Hope you enjoy this new gamemode!

Norbiur & Sandor

Noteworthy Patch Notes:

Shadows for enemies and destructibles

Player’s layer order is fixed

Heal sound fixed

Sound of Firebreath spell is fixed (No longer playing the whole audioclip if there is a weaponchange)

Shooting enemies no longer can shoot once dead.

Killcounter fixed, now it can properly shows kills over 1000