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Don't Die, Collect Loot » Endgame Content Update!

Hi everyone, and thanks again for participating in the Don’t Die, Collect Loot playtest! I’ve been over the moon thanks to the outpouring of support and feedback from all of you.

The current playtest has gone really well! That being said, the testing phase will be ending relatively soon. The current build will continue to be playable, but will be converted to a demo (yes, your saves will still be there!) for easier access. I’ll still fix bugs on the demo, but major new content won’t always make it over to that build.

There will be future playtest builds, likely focused on specific characters and content added over time as I prepare the game to become a more fully-featured release. Players who have actively engaged with the playtest will also receive keys for the Alpha build of the game, where they can continue to play the latest builds even after the testing phase ends. I’ll be reaching out to folks directly, but if you’re interested drop me a line!

Additionally, there will still be two content patches for the current playtest before it ends, and you’re about to read about the first one now! The next patch will focus on the third character, the Arcanist.

Nightmare Items

The main focus of this patch is to add more fun endgame progression in the Nightmare difficulty. While it can be fun to push your character to the limits in the infinite scaling dungeon, it’ll be even more exciting if there are actual rewards!

Those rewards have landed in the form of Nightmare items. These items are special rare drops that only appear on Nightmare, and are more likely to appear on higher Nightmare levels, so start farming those boss keys!

Nightmare items always have the maximum amount of modifiers the item can support, usually 5-6 depending on the item. These modifiers have extremely lucky rolls, heavily biasing towards being tier 7-10. They also always include one special modifier unique to Nightmare items, and the base itself is also extremely powerful and unique!

Here are two randomly rolled Nightmare items:

More Nightmare bases and modifiers will be added in the coming days

Chaos Bound

When these memories were originally sealed and the growth of the world as we know it halted, three incredibly powerful people sealed themselves away within them to ensure nobody would undo their efforts.

Unfortunately for you, they’ve taken notice of what you’re up to and are once again awake. Provoke their ire and you may not live to regret it.

Other Changes
  • Added a handful of new unique items
  • Increased the base scroll speed of the game noticeably
  • Added a new type of treasure chest only on Nightmare
  • Made source of “final” damage multiplier more distinct and clear
  • Nerfed Frozen Slime damage scaling
  • Buffed the damage of all ranged pets substantially
  • Added the ability for multiple entities to make up a single boss
  • Removed the debug menu from the production build
  • Fixed a bug where not all treasure chest opens were counting for certain achievements