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Future Daoshi » Emergency! Bird-like monsters are raging in the south!

The peaceful southern land has been ravaged by the flame demon bird. All life has been devastated, and the earth has turned into magma and full of powerful southern demon beasts The peace of the world depends on whether you can solve the last mysterious bird-shaped demon beast.
Various bird-shaped monsters have been added, and various bird-shaped elite monsters have been added to challenge players. New weapons and new drop item can be unlocked.

  • Added southern level
  • The levels for each party have been adjusted to 2 levels
  • Adjustment of skill attribute description
  • Added skill tree description
  • Dropped props: Spiritual Crystal
  • Now in auto-aim mode, the cursor will still be the priority attack direction.
  • Leg skills have a new attribute that reduces Dash cooldown
  • Level difficulty display

Significantly increase Gem rewards
Boss health bar layout modification
Clear data causing crash
Fixed the MP cost of the White Tiger Boomerang is too high
Fixed the cost of the drone is too high, and you will need to purchase a new drone for extended use.