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Ember Knights » Ember Knights 1.0 – Patch Notes

Hello Knights!

The full version is finally here! If you haven’t yet seen the announcement post, check it out here.

Now, onto what’s included with 1.0! As always, items marked with 🔥 are a result of player feedback.

New Content and Features

New Area – Netherra (The Tyrant’s Realm)

The fifth and final area

Praxis Fight

The long-awaited battle against Praxis

New Weapon – Reaper’s Toll

The sixth weapon, a large slicing blade used to rush down enemies or slash at them from afar

New Difficulty Modifier System

A vastly expanded difficulty system to customize your experience and offer new challenges for players of all skills

Endless Looping 🔥

An infinite running experience for those looking to crank their stats to ridiculous levels
The most requested feature throughout all of Early Access!

Boss Variants

Each boss now has two new variants to test your mettle


A new system for the all new in-game challenges. This list also expands the Steam Achievement list

Wightsbury Champ

A formidable champion version of The Forlorn

Anville Champ

A deadly champion version of the Cleaver

New player colors 🔥

A handful of new colors, each with their own unlock condition

New Battle Rooms

Each world has at least 10 new battle rooms

Replaying Cinematics

From the Main Menu, you’ll be able to replay all unlocked cinematics


Wightsbury Enemy Adjustments
  • The Forlorn – reduced HP
  • Condemned – slightly reduced HP. Removed the increased damage multiplier when they’re stuck in the ground. Added the dagger throw attack to the elite version
  • Weald Wolf – reduced HP
Anville Enemy Adjustments
  • Overlord Mack – increased movement speed. Increased attack rate in all phases
  • Welder – large increase to HP. Re-enabled direction changing during its attack
  • Cleaver – increase to HP
  • Defense Bot – slight increase to HP
  • Hypercharger – large increase to HP. Adjusted the attack indicators
  • Shocker – large increase to HP. Slight reduction to the bolt damage delay
  • Cleaver – reduction to the scissor attack hold time
Freeze Status Effect 🔥
  • Added max duration of multiple freezes to 5s
  • Added frozen enemies receive increased damage
  • Reduced the frozen duration when damaging a frozen enemy
  • Reduced the frozen movement slow for bosses from 20% to 10%
  • Reduced the frozen attack rate slow for bosses from 15% to 10%
  • Removed the white flash from the Healing Rooms
  • Reduced the overall healing in Wightsbury
  • Adjusted the visuals on the small healing prop in Wightsbury
  • Replaced the three apples in the room before the Anville boss with chicken
Knight’s Charge Adjustments
  • Increased the refresh count from 10 to 12
  • Reduced charges from 2 to 1
  • Adjusted the damage from 5/10/15 to 10/12/15
Relic Adjustments
  • Storm Ward – Added a % chance to trigger stun 🔥
  • Stun Powder – Reduced bonus stun to 50% 🔥
  • Infernal Scale – Increased bonus damage. Removed damage bonus to Ember Fire
  • Ignition Break – Increased duration. Faster tick rate
  • Glacier Necklace – Added projectile that can hit a maximum of two enemies 🔥

Increased the minimum charge time on the Rift Hammer 🔥

Slightly reduced the values for Ember Tree upgrades related to boss and non boss damage

Increased the number of Praxis buffed enemy encounters

Increased the occurrence of miniboss variants

Removed the flinch behavior from the Rakknid

Adjusted the room weighting for Scoggfirth

Adjusted the position of ammo under the player

Added a frozen palette to the training dummy in the Nexus

Various cutscene polish including speeding up of sequences

Added SFX to Marvin’s introduction cutscene

Animated the main menu

Updated the credits


And lastly, we addressed the following:

  • Fixed a bug that was preventing players from having independent mod UI layouts while playing in local multiplayer 🔥
  • Fixed a bug with the Ember Tree where trying to respec while in the “Swap” menu would prevent making any other changes 🔥
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing supercharged enemies in Anville from dealing additional damage
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing Praxis buffed enemies from being able to destroy props
  • Fixed a bug where the buffed enemies from Praxis weren’t getting the reduced freeze duration
  • Fixed a visual bug with the Praxis gem beam VFX not tracking buffed enemies while frozen 🔥
  • Fixed some collision issues with Scoggfirth’s minibosses
  • Fixed a bug with freezing Rotworm while burrowing that caused it to become invisible until unfrozen 🔥
  • Fixed a bug that was allowing players to destroy Lord Bruma’s ice pillars with Blast Bomb
  • Fixed a visual bug with the Vanguard Champion’s intro
  • Fixed some visual issues with Mischief’s status effects
  • Fixed a visual bug with Defense Bot’s projectile size
  • Fixed a bug that was disposing of the mimic pet when spawning a new pet 🔥
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing Withercore from extending the duration of poison
  • Fixed a bug with disconnecting a controller in singleplayer that was preventing players from continuing without plugging the controller back in 🔥
  • Fixed a visual bug with entering the tear while the inventory or pause screens were open 🔥
  • Fixed some minor visual issues with the Guardian Bow’s arrows
  • Fixed some minor visual issues with displaying status effect labels
  • Fixed a camera snapping bug during the Wightsbury intro
  • Fixed a bug that was displaying a black box on the world intro sequences
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the SFX from playing when a skill is recharged
  • Fixed various translation issues for all languages

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