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Ed-0: Zombie Uprising » “Ed-0: Zombie Uprising” Patch Notes for Version 1.1.2


Thank you for playing “Ed-0: Zombie Uprising”.
We have started releasing the latest update patch to fix the following bugs and improve the stability of the gameplay.
When this patch is applied, the version on the upper right of the title screen will be 1.1.2.

-Three playable characters will be unlocked immediately after the tutorial.
*Please note that this change will result in a loss of consistency with the main storyline.
-Fixed a bug that could cause the number of “Sacred Tree Nut” slots to increase.
-The doors in Stage 8 will now open when attacked.
-The Secret Arts “Rigid Throw,” “Throat Grab,” and “Izuna Drop” will now stagger purple aura zombies.
-Changed the interface when picking up items.
-Adjusted the balance of Raiden (Sumo Wrestler).
-Adjusted the effects of some Charms.
-Adjusted the bosses in “Smoke and Mirrors 1” and “Smoke and Mirrors 2”.
-Adjusted the content of “Help” and “Perry’s Journal”.
-Fixed other minor bugs.

Thank you,

Team Ed-Zero