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Terminal Breach » Early Access Version 1.5 – Hyper Update

Major Changes:
Delete is now a new mechanic:
– Delete is a shop option if the item is a market item, if used it completely removes the item from the run
– Has 20% chance to be dropped by blue loot drones

Hyper mode is now available in the map selection screen which will increase game speed by 1.4x

Quick start is now an option in the main menu
– Randomizes starting breacher, weapon and map
– But retains map upgrades, map size/type, difficulty and if endless

• Level changes tint by a small value to introduce variation

Minor Changes:
• Time now slows down before leveling up to reduce mistakes
• When getting damaged it is the same as stomping both scale with radius and damage return stat
• Breacher no longer gets knocked back when damaged instead the enemy gets knockback’d
• All breachers start with 1 stomp to be the same with dash and jump
• Force stomp is now directly tied to stomp stat to limit spamming and make it a viable build
• Controller button remapping:
– Melee mapped to RB/right bumper
– Force stomp mapped to LT/left trigger
– Zeta’s Shop mapped to select button
– Xol’s shop mapped to LB/left bumper
– Autofire mapped right analog button press
– Breacher information mapped Left analog button press
• Charmed enemies now knockbacks other enemies
• Cade’s Token is now dropped in DarkNet and Uria’s Token is dropped in Firewall exclusively
• Changed energy cost of Ceramic Plate 3 -> 5 and Bandage 5 -> 3

Bug Fixes:
• Fixed invincible not working properly
• Fixed weapon menu navigation for controller/handheld users
• Fixed bug where reduced animation interferes with prop height
• Fixed charmed enemies just standing still

Happy breaching !
– AcidRain