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Terminal Breach » Early Access Version 1.4 – Movement Update

Major Changes:

• Force stomp can now be used (Binded to Left Shift)
– When stomping the ground it pushes back enemies
– Trigger to stomp enemies faster but you will need stomp amount/damage return
– Force stomp resets when hitting the ground/enemy

• Weapon melee attack is now an option (Binded to F)
– Melee damage is dependent on weapon’s damage
– Has sound effects for melee hit and swing
– Melee speed is dependent on switch speed

• Weapon now rotates when jumping (makes jumping and shooting a more viable strategy)
• Both force stomp and melee scales with knockback and radius
• Shop cannot be accessed after 10-15 min in endless for balancing

Minor Changes:

• Changed Item: LAN Cable (15% switch speed -> 10% switch speed)
• Enemies now gets yeeted on death, yeet scales with knockback
• Shop discount stat is now capped at 60%
• Jump on air now has chance to trigger a unique flip animation
• Dash now has an animation and puff effect
• Dash now resets immediately after dashing even if you still have dashes
• Uria’s token set back to 100
• Fixed errors when the game end and shows the “Breached” screen
• Presets were vaulted for now because it is causing major bugs

Happy breaching !
– AcidRain