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Terminal Breach » Early Access Version 1.3

Major Changes:
• Added breacher presets
– Further customize your playstyle with 5 preset slots
– Preset saves your current breacher, weapon and upgrades
– Uria’s token is now capped at 500 and is shared among the 5 presets

• Added 2 weapons
– Half-life: Toxicthrower
– Blue screen: Shrapnel launcher

• Added map size selector for random map type in level select screen
-Enemy amount changes depending on the selected size of the map and difficulty

• Added a dash stat and a respective upgrade

Minor Changes:
• Lowered enemy health to make vanilla much easier to finish
• Chest drop and loot drones now start at 10 seconds
• Character selection UI greyed-out when not unlocked
• Weapon selection UI greyed-out when not unlocked
• Added extra UI for jump, stomp and dash amount
• Reduced the dash speed to make dash item more viable
• Token drop rate now increases by difficulty
• Slightly adjusted token drop rate
• Fixed radius stat in upgrades now working correctly
• Shrapnel bullets now trigger when hitting enemies
• Smaller chain hitbox to prevent the strat where people go into the corner and not get damaged

Happy breaching !
– AcidRain