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Super Smash Asteroids » Early Access update v0.5

This update refines the itemization changes introduced in version 0.4, targeting a more balanced approach to ship upgrades following the addition of negative attributes to all items.

  • Added 18 new normal (white) item upgrades
  • Added 11 new rare (blue) item upgrades
  • Added 5 new epic (purple) item upgrades

Bug fixes and improvements:
  • Resolved a bug that required a game restart if you picked up a powerup while at the death screen in order to get powerups in future runs.
  • Concealed in-game score during boss encounters to minimize screen distractions.
  • All boss projectiles now detonate upon boss defeat, preventing posthumous damage to the player.
  • Havoc’s imminent jumps are now signaled with red flashes for player awareness.
  • The Skull Sentinel’s upcoming laser attacks are now pre-announced with red flashes.
  • Corrected a bug where The Skull Sentinel moved during laser fire, resulting in unavoidable player damage.
  • Addressed an issue causing drones to be ineffective against boss enemies.
  • Fixed a glitch where receiving a powerup post-mortem granted it at the start of the next game.
  • Updated and clarified item upgrade stats; corrected typos.
  • Lowered the max on-screen projectile count from 175 to 125 to alleviate late-game congestion and lag.
  • Marginally boosted boss health levels.