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Super Smash Asteroids » Early Access update v0.4

New features:
  • Arsenal Menu Overhaul: ‘Everlast’ set as default, with new tabs for Enemies and Bosses to review their stats.
  • Boss Camera Update: Camera now detaches from center-lock during boss fights, allowing free panning within view limits.
  • Balanced Ship Upgrades: All ship upgrades now feature both pros and cons.
  • Expanded Upgrade Options: Choose from 4 upgrades instead of 3.
  • New Re-roll Mechanic: Refresh your upgrade choices with 4 new options.
  • Re-roll Count: Start with 3 re-rolls; max out at 10 via the Everlast system.

Bug fixes and improvements:
  • Moved the “Power Up” and “Level Up” text higher on the screen to avoid obstructing gameplay.
  • Dimmed the brightness of background objects like planets and stars for better visibility of enemy projectiles and asteroids.
  • Clarified that the first green orb collected is a score multiplier.
  • Resolved a bug causing permanent slow motion when leveling up and obtaining a power-up simultaneously.
  • Displayed orb-collected multiplier on the screen’s top section for easy tracking.
  • Made collected power-ups accessible in the upgrade ship menu, pause menu, and death screen.
  • Added labels to buttons in the pause menu and death screen for clearer functionality.
  • Resized the XP bar to be smaller and the health/shield bar to be larger for better visibility.
  • If multiple special ability charges are available, the count will display as “x2,” “x3,” etc., next to the ability icon.
  • Corrected a minor timing issue in the bottom-right corner as the minute counter updates.
  • Killing asteroids gives a little bit more XP than before.
  • Added muzzle flashes to enemy projectile attacks.
  • Boosted the rate of everlasting gold rewards to 2 per minute played and 10 per boss defeated.