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Super Smash Asteroids » Early Access update v0.3

Based on feedback in our discord we have implemented some improvements and bug fixes in this update.

If you have issues with controller support do the following:
* In steam go to menu View -> Big picture mode
* Press Menu -> Settings -> Controller
* Make sure ONLY enable steam input for generic controllers is enabled
* Start the game with controller plugged in

Unfortunately all this steps is currently required for a optimal gamepad experience, if not you might experience issues like double inputs and menu problems.

Bug fixes and improvements:
* Added purple glow effect to ship so it is easier to see in which direction you are moving
* Powerups are now combined in the UI (if you collect multiple of the same powerup it will show x2, x3, etc)
* Increased fire rate and projectile speed for all player ships
* Raptor’s missiles are now homing missiles
* Reduced base health of all enemies and bosses
* Bosses health reworked to become more difficult the more bosses you have killed in the same run.
* Reduced boss timer from 6 minutes to 4 minutes (time spent fighting bosses does not count towards next spawn timer)
* Reduced amount of experience required to level
* Reduced everlast upgrades by significant amount so it will be more easy to upgrade ship after runs
* Added missing achievement “Boss Battler Supreme” to achievement list
* Fixed bug with achievements not counting game time played correctly.
* Made boss death explosions bigger and more satisfying
* Increased size of enemy projectiles to make them easier to see
* Fixed a bug where drones would fire very slow projectiles if the ship had a very slow projectile speed (like Raptor)