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Crab Champions » Early Access Update 3

Patch Notes


  • Elemental weapon mods are now chance based instead of cooldown based. This has been a heavily requested feature and I will be moving from cooldowns to chance based on many other mods in upcoming updates to allow for even more insane build scaling! The general idea is that it’s boring for a powerful thing to fire only once every 5 seconds max and it’s much more fun for a weaker thing to fire potentially multiple times a second (scaling nicely with fire rate and chance build options).

    In order for this to be balanced and considering that a 20% chance to burn enemies would be constantly applied from the minigun (due to the fast fire rate) and would barely be applied at all from the sniper (due to the slow fire rate), the base trigger chance for the certain perks will change depending on the weapon used (with fast firing weapons having a lower base chance and slow firing weapons having a higher base chance).

    The following mods use this system and more will follow in the future:

    • Ice Shot
    • Fire Shot
    • Poison Shot
    • Lightning Shot
    • Random Shot
    • Ultra Shot
    • Time Bolt
    • Triple Shot
    • Arc Shot
    • X Shot
    • Square Shot
    • Mega Crit
    • Split Shot
    • Scatter Shot
    • Targeting Shot
    • Homing Shot
  • Overhauled the save system- there are now multiple save backups and a separate save for user settings. This greatly reduces the chance of your save file becoming corrupt (some players were experiencing a NULL bug where they couldn’t move after their PC lost power while an autosave was saving) as there are now 2 extra backup saves to try and prevent that from ever occurring
  • Increased the maximum projectile limit from 300 to 400
  • Time Shot can now crit which should make it much more interesting and useful
  • Added new weapon mod: Ultra Shot: Chance to fire high damage bullets along with your shots
  • Added new weapon mod: Time Bolt: Chance to fire bolts that deal damage over time
  • Added new perk: Rigged Totems: Chance based totems are more likely to roll in your favor
  • Added new perk: Streamer Loot: Higher rarity loot has a greater chance to spawn from chests
  • Changed Green Dice: renamed to Gold Dice, buffed to Legendary rarity and has a more potent effect on chance based mods and perks but no longer provides the higher rarity loot benefit that it had before. A note about wording that may be confusing: it says +50% chance for chance based mods and perks to trigger- this does not mean adding a flat 50% to all chance based things (as this would quickly break many perks), it insteads multiplies the chance by 150%. So a base chance of 20% will be 30% with the 50% extra chance buff that Gold Dice provides
  • Improved the Tropical biome parkour island layout to have a better and easier flow
  • Replaced 6 placeholder skins with fresh new ones: Emerald, Glimmer, Jet Black, Ruby, Sapphire and Silver


  • Reduced enemy damage scaling a bit on Nightmare difficulty especially when looping as it quickly turns into a “lose all your health on one hit” type of situation which I’m not a fan of. Don’t get me wrong- I still want enemies to be extremely damaging when looping on Nightmare but this should just make it feel like you can take an extra hit or two before the run is over
  • Blocker Skull movement speed reduced by 25%
  • The Unstoppable challenge (Get a win with over 10000 eliminations) elimination requirement has been reduced down to 7500 eliminations
  • Regular melee crabs, ants and slugs are slightly larger to make them easier to hit
  • Ice Shot is now unlocked by default


  • Improved cases where enemies could shoot through walls on elite and boss islands
  • Toned back some more overtuned FX such as on daggers


  • Fixed many places where enemies could get stuck under the map. Any remaining enemies that do happen to spawn under the map should get picked up by the new anti-softlock mechanics and will get auto eliminated after a short period of time
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the settings menu to stay active in a hidden state while the game was playing, resulting in frequent stutters as the game saved constantly
  • Some mod and perk descriptions that were inaccurate have been updated (such as Money Is Power displaying a 1% increased in damage when it is actually a 10% increase)
  • Fixed issue where enemies would stop spawning if players were far away from any spawn points
Beta Branch

For those interested in trying new updates before they go live for everyone, you can opt in to the beta branch. Be warned, this branch will most likely be less stable and have more bugs than the main branch version so if you do decide to use it, make sure you back up your save just in case!

To access the beta branch:

  1. Right click Crab Champions in your Steam library and click “properties”
  2. Navigate down to the “Betas” tab
  3. Select the beta branch from the dropdown

That’s it for this update! Lots to continue working on, see you next time 🦀