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Crab Champions » Early Access Update 1

Thank you all for an absolutely incredible launch! I’m blown away by the amount of people enjoying the game and have been working hard to improve as much as possible. This update adds a few new features as well a bunch of bug fixes.

Quickplay was initially working in this build but there were issues where players were loading into previously started lobbies and were going past the 4 player limit so I’ve had to disable it for now while I work on a proper fix.

Now, onto the changes 🦀

Patch Notes


  • Added backwards sliding and being able to slightly move right or left while sliding (I tested being able to slide left and right at full speed but it was way too OP and made the movement far less skillful)
  • Added 8 new songs! (most of them are demos but will give more variation to the existing playlists)
  • Inventory slots are now all unlocked by default- the locked inventory slot mechanic was confusing to many players and was disrupting the flow of grabbing loot so for now you can just take as much loot as your inventory can hold without having to keep stopping to figure out what to drop. I want the game to move as fast as you want and this was a definite blow to the momentum. I’ll monitor and see how this change affects gameplay and may introduce locked slots in some way again in the future (such as only the bottom row of each category being locked allowing for more early game freedom)
  • Added checkpoints to Parkour islands so you don’t have to always start back at the very start when you fall
  • Grenade Crabs and Sniper Crabs now telegraph their actions better so you have a bit more time to react
  • Sniper Crabs shoot with a little bit of spread so they have a chance to miss
  • Tweaked the Speedrun challenges to be actually challenging. Speedrun I is now island 20 in 16 minutes or less, Speedrun II is now island 50 in 40 minutes or less and Speedrun III is now island 100 in 60 minutes or less. I’ll monitor to see if these times are too difficult or not!
  • Fire Shot is now unlocked by default


  • Reduced the amount of keys needed to use the Key Totem down to 3 but bosses now spawn 2 keys instead of 6 keys
  • Auto Rifle damage increased from 24 to 28
  • Grenade, Sniper and Launcher Crabs have had their health reduced from 800 to 700
  • Reload Arc cooldown increased from 1 second to 5 seconds
  • Bosses and Elites now have a 12 second cooldown in between each unique freeze applied (to prevent being able to easily cheese them with repeated freezing and them never thawing and attacking)
  • Eagle Eye bonus damage distance threshold reduced by 50% (so it will now be far more useful especially on smaller islands)


  • Fixed ant boss doing the same attack over and over
  • Fixed ant boss homing projectiles bugging out and moving extremely fast if you were out of line of sight when they were fired
  • Enemies can no longer be frozen while their spawn animation is playing as it could lead to situations where they’d slide away under the map and be impossible to eliminate
  • Fixed portal that would spawn in a bush and be hard to find
  • Fixed the Speedrun I challenge not being completable
  • Stats pedestals now correctly update your progression when you unlock new weapons or loot with the key totem without having to leave and re-join the lobby
  • Fixed a crash that could occur under specific circumstances when using a Random Totem
  • Fixed various rare crashes
  • Optimized the Boss Skull bullet hell attack so it should be much more performant
  • Reduced the complexity of the lava splash FX which should increase performance / visual clarity when many projectiles and enemies are hitting the lava at once
  • Fixed a launch pad that caused you to overshoot a Parkour jump
  • I made a fix to Quickplay but there were numerous new bugs that appeared when enabling it so I need to revisit and make a proper fix in a future patch

Thanks again for playing, happy crabbing 🦀💥