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Pixel Gun Master » Early Access Patch 005 — v0.1.6

Hello Gunners,

In this patch, we’ve added a bunch of new sound effects and new background music. We’ve also fixed an issue with unbalanced volumes, so you’ll be able to hear the sound effects more fully. We’ve also added a full Japanese translation, so Japanese players will be able to enjoy the game more smoothly. The planned Russian translation has been delayed, as it took longer than expected to translate the Russian language, so we’ll need to wait a bit longer. We’ll add the Russian language as soon as it’s translated.

The next update will be on January 30th, PST, and will include a new skill puck system, the “Inner Mirror” update. We’ll also be adding a story webcomic, which will be a great treat for those of you who have been waiting for the story.

Caution! In our next update on January 30, your game progress will be reset. This is necessary in order to implement the new system, so we ask for your understanding. Elements that will be reset include your level, experience, fire and brimstone tiers, and dialog progress.

– Patch Notes –
  • Fixed a number of existing sound effects.
  • Added many new sound effects.
  • Replaced the Plains background music.
  • Replaced golem boss fight music.

  • NPCs, objects, etc. that can be interacted with by pressing E now have a white outline.
  • Added fire to the fireplace in the inn lobby.
  • Added character’s hands in the inn.

  • Added Japanese translation.
  • Replaced the translation of some English text.
  • Unified the position of the E button above the main character’s head.
  • Moved the position of the progress UI up slightly in the ending screen.

  • Changed the maximum health formula.
    Effects that affect your max health now also apply as your max health increases.

[Bug fixes]
  • Fixed a bug where enemies or players would continue to make sounds in the game over screen.
  • Fixed a bug where the number of projectiles would not increase when the ‘buckshot’ was upgraded.