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Pixel Gun Master » Early Access Patch 004 — v0.1.5

Hello Gunners,

In this patch, we’ve added the much-anticipated Fire and Brimstone system. Run to the inn’s fireplace for a new challenge! The Fire and Brimstone system will provide a new challenge for those who have already found the dungeons too easy. Face new dangers as you clear 15 levels of increasingly difficult dungeons.

The next update will be December 28th, Pacific Time, and will include a large number of sound effects added/improved, two new background music, improved English translations, and the addition of Japanese and Russian!

– Patch Notes –
  • Added the Fire and Brimstone system.
  • Fire and Brimstone UI now appears when interacting with fireplaces in inns.
  • Fire can be raised to tackle 15 levels of increasingly difficult dungeons.

  • Added leaping fire animation and VFX.
  • Added a fireplace sprite that changes in stages.

  • Added fire and brimstone specific UI.

[Bug Fixes]
  • Fixed a bug that prevented effects from appearing when charging.