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Pixel Gun Master » Early Access Patch 003 — v0.1.4

Hello Gunners,

In this patch, we’ve included upcoming boss fight cutscenes and dash cooldowns. We’ve also fixed the balance of 10 gun parts, balancing them between each other. Finally, we changed the font of all text to make it more readable.

The next update will be December 14th, Pacific Time, and will include the Fire and Brimstone system (Ascetic difficulty). We originally planned to include the Ascetic difficulty in this patch, but we realized that we couldn’t do everything we wanted to do in the short timeframe of one week, so we had to push it back another week. We’ll be back in a week with more polished content.

– Patch Notes –
  • Added a cool cutscene dedicated to the boss battle.

  • Added a death animation for the Golem boss.
  • Changed all text fonts to be more readable.
  • Monsters now catch fire when they take fire damage.

  • Added dash cooldown display.

    Shot Speed (+80/+120/+160/+200) -> (+60/+100/+140/+180)
    %Accuracy (+4%/+4%/+4%/+4%) -> (+8%/+8%/+8%/+8%)
  • IRVN
    *New* Bullets deal (Elemental Damage x”0.1″) additional Elemental Damage.
    *Removed* Bullet Damage (+3/+4/+5/+6)
    Elemental Damage (+3/+4/+5/+6) -> (+2/+4/+6/+8)
    Bullet Damage (-2/+2/+6/+10) -> (-6/-2/+2/+6)
    %Critical Chance (+15/+25/+35/+45) -> (+20/+30/+40/+50)
    Effect duration (2s) -> (3s)
    For every 30 enemies you kill, your Ammo Capacity increases by
    (10%/11%/12%/13%) -> (6%,7%,8%,9%)
    %Ammo (+200%/+280%/+340%/+400%) -> (+200%/+260%/+320%/+400%)
    %Reload Haste (-60%/-80%/-90%/-100%) -> (-60%/-70%/-80%/-100%)
    For every 30 enemies you kill, your % Fire Rate increases by
    (5%,6%,7%,8%) -> (6%,7%,8%,9%)
    Bullet damage is increased by (2/2.5/3/3.5) times your movement speed stat. -> (1.5/2/2.5/3)
    dealing AoE damage to enemies in a (1/1.3/1.6/2)-tile range -> (1.5/1.5/1.5/1.5)
    %Damage (+24%/+32%/+40%/+48%) -> (+8%/+24%/+40%/+56%)
    *Removed* Reload Haste (+10%/+20%/+30%/+40%)

[Bug Fixes]
  • Fixed a bug where the stone throwing animation did not end immediately when the boss died.
  • Fixed a misspelling of reload acceleration.
  • Fixed a bug where taser grenade property damage was not being applied correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where the Ghoststring special effect would reduce box health by 99% at all ranks.
  • Fixed the Freezing Bullet to apply to all additional projectiles.
  • Fixed a misspelling of the Ice Cream Grip special effect.
  • Fixed a misspelling of the Devil’s Horn special effect.
  • Fixed a misspelling of the Chocolate Bar special effect.