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Pixel Gun Master » Early Access Patch 001 — v0.1.1

Hello Gunners,

This patch includes additions missing from the Early Access release, minor balance tweaks, and critical bug fixes. We’ve also added some dialog about the game’s story, so talk to the innkeeper and shopkeeper.

The next update is December 1, and it includes a convenience patch, gun parts balancing, and a boss fight difficulty adjustment (to hard).

[Content Added]

– Added 10 Innkeeper Ambassadors
– Added 9 Shopkeeper Ambassadors

[Graphics fix]

– Inns now have smart 2D lights
– Changed terrain on some maps
– Fixed beer mugs in inns not showing backgrounds
– Animated Hufflepuff

[UI Fixes]

– Fixed ESC being able to be pressed in the Inn. You can now exit to the main menu without exiting through the bottom door.
– Adjusted the positioning of selections in the Gun Parts Selection and Oil Upgrade UIs to be less awkward when there are fewer than two options.
– Fixed oil upgrade UI wording
– Change oil upgrade UI replacement arrow to upgrade arrow


– Base reload time corrected from 1.4 -> 1.2 seconds
– Gold Earned Balancing
– Shop item prices doubled
– Adjusted the amount of experience required

[Bug Fixes]

– Fixed map-wide coin drop on death
– Fixed a bug where the oil upgrade screen could be infinitely refreshed


– Change to start in the dungeon instead of the inn when you first start the game
– Adjusted default screen shake to 50