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Highway Rampage » Early Access build is launched!


Hope you enjoy this title! It started as an entry in a 48-hour game jam we participated in back in 2015 called gm(48), but we had such a good time competing that we decided to continue work on the game and see if we could put a broader experience out in the world. The game is now complete with all sorts of rad explosions and hi-octane destruction, but also jampacked with subtle hidden lore. Maybe even some connections to some of our other titles????

Hardly seems like an appropriate place for a changelog since it’s most of yall’s first time laying eyes on this title, but here it goes anyway!

New Stuff

  • All sprites and background tiles in the game have been assigned texture pages
  • Road Prince now has twin autocrossbows instead of twin assault rifles on the front.
  • Building gibs impart minor screenshake to player vehicle.
  • Licenses now display vehicle drive type as well as a fictional heat gen number (in kJ/sec) that is scaled up from per frame vehicle chassis heat generation.

Bug Fixes

  • Gib production now makes all parts at correct scale.
  • Player melee contact no longer imparts loss of control to boss class enemies.
  • Super icon displays at correct oreintation on select car screen.
  • Carseat linkage fix for Radtruck
  • Implemented melee weapon evo sprites into engine.
  • Enemy bullets are now incapable of hitting their generating unit, but will now hit all other enemies in the way and also obstacles and knockoverables.

As always, be sure to check us out on Twitter (@lasso_games), and maybe check out our new Steam creator page if you get a chance. Thank you for playing and supporting us all these years!