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Time Wasters » Early Access Build #980

New TeslAI Loyalty Challenge: City Invaders
  • Earn a Solo Victory with TeslAI to unlock the City Invaders Challenge
  • Location: City
  • Enemy Speed Multiplier 1.5
  • Enemy Hull Multiplier 2
  • Gold Per Pickup -0.85
  • New 3D background
  • New music track
  • New Loyalty icon will replace Solo after earning a City Invaders Victory
  • To play, select TeslAI as the Captain then select City Invaders from the Select A Challenge screen
  • Added Unlock Missions & Steam Achievement
  • More Loyalty Challenges may be added in future updates

Loyal Crew TeslAI

  • Get a City Invaders Challenge Victory with TeslAI to unlock
  • Loyal Crew TeslAI can immediately join the crew at the start of a run
  • TeslAI must not be Banished to join your crew

Chain Lightning

  • Increased Damage by 50%
  • Added a 2x Elite Damage Multiplier

Static Mines

  • Optimized Static & Super Static Mine Explosions

Infested Planets

  • Fix – Some planets overlapping

Elite Fire Ship

  • Adjusted Elite Fire Ship attack pattern so it no longer stops inside the Fire Circle

Battle Royale Circle

  • Increased teleport visual effect when appearing, most noticeable in the Caves & City Invaders Challenges

Space Cube Portals

  • Added a glowing ring that travels from the center of a portal outwards every 2 seconds to draw attention to the portal location


  • Updated to the latest Unity LTS Version (2022)
  • Made music a high priority sound to prevent it from cutting out