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Time Wasters » Early Access Build #958

New Ram Loyalty Challenge: Pinball
  • Earn a Solo Victory with Ram to unlock the Pinball Challenge
  • Location: Pinball Machine
  • Punch Enemies Into Bumpers To Build A Combo
  • Bumpers Cause More Damage At Higher Combos
  • Enemy Mass Multiplier 0.5
  • Enemy Hull Multiplier 4
  • Gold Per Pickup -0.85
  • New 3D background
  • New music track
  • 2 New Enemy Types
  • Added Pinball Bumpers Total Damage Dealt & Highest Bumper Combo stats to End of Run Summary
  • New Loyalty icon will replace Solo after earning a Pinball Victory
  • To play, select Ram as the Captain then select Pinball from the Select A Challenge screen
  • Added Unlock Missions & Steam Achievement
  • More Loyalty Challenges may be added in future updates

Loyal Crew Ram

  • Get a Pinball Challenge Victory with Ram to unlock
  • Loyal Crew Ram can immediately join the crew at the start of a run
  • Ram must not be Banished to join your crew

Boxing Gloves

  • Added Knockback Force +250 to Boxing Gloves Overclock

In-Game Upgrades

  • New Weapons display the associated Crew icon
    • Regular Icon with White Square = Selected As Crew
    • Regular Icon with Grey Square = Available As Crew
    • Red Icon = Banished Crew
    • Grey Icon with a Lock = Crew Locked, complete mission to unlock
  • Crew cards display the associated Weapon icon
    • White Square = Weapon Equipped
    • Grey Square = Weapon Available
    • Red Icon = Weapon Banished

Pause Screen

  • Locked Crew displayed in Pause Menu Details Tab

Select Captain Screen

  • Lock on Captain Icons moved to the bottom right corner to match rank icons


  • Elites no longer affected by Challenge Hull modifiers

Unlocks Screen

  • Unlocks Screen has been split into 2 Tabs: Page 1 & Page 2

Loyalty Challenges

  • Fade into arena for Ram, Corrosia and Azurene Loyalty Challenges

Early Access Build #959

  • Added maximum distance Elites can travel outside of arena bounds before being teleported back into arena for Azurene & Ram Loyalty Challenges. Prevents occasions where physics collisions send Elites flying out of arena.

Early Access Build #960

  • Changed Seeking Bomb enemies so that they don’t disappear when offscreen (Enemies appear in Azurene’s The Caves & on Waves 10, 30, 50 etc in Ram’s Pinball Challenge)