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Time Wasters » Early Access Build #932

New Azurene Loyalty Challenge: The Caves
  • Earn a Solo Victory with Azurene to unlock The Caves Challenge
  • Location: The Caves
  • Spiral Traps Will Appear
  • Enemy Speed Multiplier 2
  • Enemy Hull Multiplier 2
  • Gold Per Pickup -0.85
  • New 3D background
  • New music track
  • 3 New Enemy Types
  • New Loyalty icon will replace Solo after earning The Caves Victory
  • To play, select Azurene as the Captain then select The Caves from the Select A Challenge screen
  • Added Unlock Missions & Steam Achievement
  • More Loyalty Challenges may be added in future updates

Loyal Crew Azurene

  • Get The Caves Challenge Victory with Azurene to unlock
  • Loyal Crew Azurene can immediately join the crew at the start of a run
  • Azurene must not be Banished to join your crew


  • Elite Time Destroyer speed increased by 25%
  • Elite Time Destroyer needs to get closer to the player before firing weapons
  • Battle Royal Circle Enemies max speed reduced by 12.5%, now reaches max speed at Wave 50 instead of 70 (will get closer to the player due to the friction change)

Performance Optimizations

  • Player ship optimized for colliding with multiple enemies at the same time
  • Reduced friction to 0 on all enemies

Sound Effects

  • More accurately synced to music track beat
  • Reduced Mine Explosion volume by 50%

Gamepad Support

  • Optimized how Steam is loaded at startup which may possibly fix issues with gamepad not being detected, achievements not activating and the overlay not appearing
  • Investigating switching non-XBox Gamepads from Steam Input to Native Input, may be included in a future update


  • Planets have been renamed to Outposts

Early Access Build #934

  • Fix – Captains Luna & Rosanova Not Unlocking caused by renaming Planets to Outposts

Early Access Build #938

  • Adjusted Spiral Trap White Enemy Spawn rate to reduce number of enemies spawning on high frame rates (waves 70, 90 & 110)