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Smogpunk » EA V0.093 Update

+ Fine-tunes the DeepWake features to make the waking process more evenly distributed in the timeline
+ Tweaked settings to allow further performance fine-tuning
+ Increased overall foliage render speed by 20%+
++ New “Render Quality” options to let player choose different tiers of render details
++ Changing shadow quality now will also change the way light interacts with objects
+ Battle UIs are no longer affected by motion blur effects
+ Tyrantium now spins while dropping from enemy
+ Tyrantium drops from enemies head wherever possible
+ Changed behavior of ground tentacles – their attacks now also harm enemies
+ Changed some background narratives

– Enemy no longer wanders off the map
– Enemy no longer gets stuck in the game world
– When shooting projectiles, enemies no longer slides around;
– Enemy spawning no longer produces error
– Calibrated controller selection issue in graphics settings menu
– Fixed Prompt Text position
– Fixed an issue where boss fight doesn’t trigger all the UIs
– Fixed an issue with customised glass shader