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Smogpunk » EA V0.092 Update

+ Added Motion Blur option to simulate fast movement as recorded by cameras
+ Added Natural Lens option to further stylize the game view
+ Added shadow for explosion debris for more realistic visuals
+ Improved main menu loading speed
+ Adopted a new optimization architecture
+ Added IntruderWake: enemies in roguelike maps will detect the presence of a player and all enemies will come to attack the player after a certain amount of time

– AI no longer floats in the sky.
– Fixed all unlock related issues
+ Improved boss defeat banner text, it no longer blocks to eyes.
– In roguelike mode, scores are no longer calculated, since roguelike levels are randomly generated and the total amount of scores are inconsistent across different sessions.
– Improved game level unlock mechanism – now players in Smogbreaker & SmogSiege mode can only unlock levels within the stage they’ve previously reached in Roguelike mode.

> A new optimization architecture has been adopted, and bugs may be expected. Please report anything unusual and we’ll solve them in the next update.