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Smogpunk » EA V0.090 Update – Roguelike Mode On

+ Added Roguelike Mode across all 6 worlds (Preliminary)
+ Added Boss – Guardian of High Hell
+ Added Boss – Timespace Worm
+ Added Boss – Sky Watcher
+ Added Boss – Sentry Null
+ Added 3 new types of minions
+ Improved unlock mechanism
+ Improved damage detection mechanism
++ Increased accuracy in melee weapon detection
++ Increased accuracy in bullet detection
++ Increased accuracy in explosive detection
+ Improved homing bullet tracing mechanism, now bullets traces more accurately
+ Heroes stuck on air will be teleported to a nearby spot
+ Revamped overall lighting mechanism
+ Allocated more threads for foliage management
+ Standardized foliage generation behaviors across lands in the same biome
+ Dynamic Terrains for all roguelike worlds
+ Procedural biome-based foliage generation
+ Improved ice stones visual at ground zero

– Fixed occlusion errors with the first boss level
– Updated entity weight to improve collision physics
– Fixed a minion spawning error
– Removed runtime break
– World paint is temporarily disabled due to compatibility issues with old models of video cards

> All past saves are reset for the new roguelike mode
> Known issues: Enemy AI occasionally floats in the sky. This is caused by preliminary addition of AI’s all-axis spatial movement, and will be improved in the next iteration.