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Smogpunk » EA V0.031 Update

+ Added hero – Butcher No.40927
+ Added hero – Style-21 FaceTree
+ Added hero – Zone-53 Subhuman
+ Added some new weapons
+ All heroes can use all weapons except Zone-53 Subhuman, who is weapon-bound and can’t use regular weapon
+ Improved damage text mechanism
+ Improved hero background stories
+ Improved weapon background stories
+ Improved unlock mechanism – if both heroes and weapons can be unlocked, there’s a 42% chance to unlock hero first. If the chance misses, hero and weapon will be put in the same pool for random selection again.
+ Improved move particles effect
+ Added some more tutorial boards
+ Further optimized hero management scene
– Fixed an issue where new unlocks cannot be used
– Weapon type description no longer overflows
– Mouse now selects heroes correctly during hero management scene
– It’s now much easier to use mouse to select weapons during hero management scene
– Fixed some translation errors here and there

> In the following updates, a new game mechanism will be introduced, so all game progress will be reset to embrace the new mechanism.

Early Access Stage 2
In the next stage, we’ll be focusing on a few new areas

  • A new game mode
  • Boss Fights
  • Further improvement & optimisation of existing contents