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Kitty Survivors: Rogues of Catmere » EA 0.9.2 & SHMUP FEST!

Hey guys, it’s been a while!

We’re participating in the Steam’s SHMUP Fest, so if you don’t have the game yet, this a great time to get it with a discount!

Now let’s talk about what’s new. This is a big patch and I think you will enjoy! A lot of QOL work, bug fixes and reworks.

Patch Notes:

  • Improved sound effects and music. (New music for each stage and changed almost all sound effects)
  • Now screens open in a queue. For example, if you level up at the same time as you loot a chest, the second screen will open after you close the first one.
  • Auto fire is now the default option. Can still be toggled off on Settings / shortcut.
  • Destructibles and power ups added to the Dungeon stage.
  • You can now check how many enemies you defeated / are required to obtain new eggs.
  • Status Effect rework: it now has a chance to trigger the effect directly when hitting an enemy. No need to combine two different elements.
  • Craft rework: now there is a random range of damage and effect chance when crafting weapons. Even two weapons crafted with the same materials, can have different stats.
  • Item rarity added. You can now see the rarity of your items by their slot color (brown = common, blue = rare, purple = epic)
  • Elite monsters now have a health bar above their heads.
  • Added some effects and changed a few UI elements / texts to juice things up.
  • Changed the player’s hit color to red.
  • Added a “Give Feedback” button to the Main Menu and Pause screen

Game Balance:

  • The Wise perk buffed (xp gain)
  • Magnetic Eyes perk buffed (pickup range)
  • Catnip time decreased to 10 seconds. It was too OP against bosses.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that prevented from obtaining eggs after completing the condition. If you already met the condition, just defeat one more enemy of said condition and it will give you the egg.
  • Fixed a bug that displayed the text level incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug that the character got slowed down for the rest of the run when stepping in consecutive holes (Snowland stage)
  • Fixed a visual glitch when using the Tail Tornado perk.
  • Fixed a visual glitch when enemies got defeated and had an effect icon above their heads.

Status Effects & Elements rework:

Back then when I designed the elements, I thought it would be cool if they combined with each other and had elemental reactions. But it didn’t work the way I intended. In this kind of game, too many things happen at the same time, making it difficult to combine attacks and elements strategically.
There were also some perks that would apply those effects directly, going against the first concept of elemental combinations. I decided to make it simpler, when an enemy gets hit, it has a chance of triggering the effect. By making it simpler, It will be easier to implement new effects and elements in the future, like poison and blood (lifesteal).

Craft & Item rarity:

Rarity affects the stats of an item. The higher the quality, the higher the damage and apply effect chance. In a future update, rarity will also affect the perks that can be randomized when creating weapons.

As always I’m open to feedback and suggestions, so drop them in the comments, Discord or through the game by tapping the “Give Feedback” button!

Thank you for your time and I hope you have fun!