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Kitty Survivors: Rogues of Catmere » EA 0.9.04: New Pets & Achievements

Hey guys,

I’m currently improving the Pet System, there’re some stuff that I need to finish reworking, but I was able to add 2 new pets to the game and 28 new achievements in the meantime. I hope you enjoy!

Patch notes 0.9.04:
  • Added 2 new pets: Bomber Jr and Icy Boy.
  • 28 new achievements.
  • Decreased the starting eggs price to 5k.
  • Changed how eggs are dropped. Now once you fulfill the requirements the obtained egg screen will automatically be opened, displaying what was the condition to drop the egg and the egg in question.
  • Added more slots to the Pet Zone.

Soon I’ll be adding some kind of codex to keep track of things, like displaying the requirements to drop certain eggs. For now I can tell you in here:

  • Baby Petite Egg: Dropped by defeating 5k Petites.
  • Oppy Egg: Dropped by defeating 1k enemies using the Explosive Diarrhea perk.
  • Bomber Jr Egg: Dropped by defeating 5k Bomber Goblins (any).
  • Icy Boy: Dropped by defeating the Frosty Cheeks boss 5 times.
  • The starter eggs can be bought from the NPC in the Pet Zone (5k each).

As always feel free to drop your feedback in the comments!

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Have a great week,