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Dwerve » Dwerve 20% off, Join our Mod Contest, Win $1,000!

Hey Warsmiths!

Get Dwerve for 20% off for the Summer Sale which lasts from June 29 to July 13! To kickoff the sale, we have launched Modding and are hosting a Mod Hackathon Contest with $5,000 in Prizes! 😊

🔧 Modding Support

The mod system lets you customize the stats and sprites for Dwerve, towers, and enemies. You can also mod the general game configuration which determines when towers, power stones, and artifacts get unlocked. For example, you could reskin a turret, and have it deal massive knockback AND stun foes! 🥊

🏆 Hackathon Contest!

We’re calling all Modsmiths to forge their finest mods in a week-long Hackathon Contest with $5,000 USD worth of prizes to 20+ winners! Here’s the prize tiers:

  • Top 3 Mod creators each win $1000 USD cash prize
  • Next top 20 Mod creators get $100 USD Steam Gift Card