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Dungeon Souls » Dungeon Souls v1.1 – Modding Support


Details of this section:
This section contains the scope of what patches were made in the current version.

This update brings hero balancing to the game (with updated abilities), as well as modding support and re-make of voice lines!

Modding Support

We have added modding support for Dungeon Souls! Hurray! ːsteamhappyː

Currently, the modding feature is limited to items only, but if players like it a lot and we start seeing quite the engagement, more features are to come! Here is a small roadmap of what we have planned for modding support, in case the community wants more of it:

  • Enemies
  • Pets
  • Arcane Forge
  • Dungeon Levels
  • Traps

Check out the Dungeon Souls Wikia for more information, as well as the game’s Steam Workshop page!


You can download the Dungeon Souls Editor via this link

Game Elements

Changed Redeemer’s behaviour due to feedback concerning the amount of time available in a dungeon before Redeemer appeared. On easy and normal difficulties, redeemer will take twice the amount of time to appear (x2 multiplier). Also, the base amount of time it takes for the Redeemer to appear has been increased by over 60%.

Voice Acting
Changed both Skeleton King’s and Slime Gargantulum’s voice lines! We’ve also changed Slime Gargantulum’s voice and revamped Skeleton King’s!

Hero Balancing

We’ve taken a look into the feedback obtained from the hero balancing survey! From an analysis, we found out that every hero seems to be both over powered and under powered (suggesting that it depends on the player’s play style). However, there were some heroes who were more “unfairly” under powered when compared with other heroes. We also observed general feedback in regard to abilities and cooldowns. As such, here is our hero balancing update! We hope you guys like it! ːsteamhappyː


At max passive level (and, proportionally, all levels below):

  • Changed passive health from 75% to 50%.
  • Changed passive damage from 40% to 30%
  • Changed passive crit from 25% to 20%
  • Changed passive defense from 150% to 120%
  • Changed passive resist from 140% to 120%


Thunder Axe
Increased shockwave scaling damage from 10+(5 per skill level) physical damage and 90+(10 per skill level) magical damage to 70+(10 per skill level) physical damage and 60+(10 per skill level) magical damage.

Changed Shout of Rage’s cooldown from 15 seconds to 10.
Changed Thunder Axe’s cooldown from 18 seconds to 4.


Changed Pentuple Arrow’s cooldown from 12 seconds to 10.
Changed Rain of Arrows’ cooldown from 18 seconds to 6.



  • Increased base hp by 10.

Thief Bomb changed to (NEW)Dagger Flurry:

Throws an empowered dagger at up to 6+(1 per skill level) nearby enemies, dealing 150+(40 per skill level) physical damage.

Changed Invisibility’s cooldown from 14 seconds to 8.



  • Increased base hp by 20.
  • Increased base magic resist by 1.

Now creates a flash fire that deals 80+(30 per skill level) magical damage to nearby enemies.

Changed basic attack cooldown from 1 second to 0.8 seconds.
Changed Duplicate’s cooldown from 14 seconds to 6.


Increased base hp by 20

Holy Gate
Now grants split projectiles +20+(10 per skill level)% extra magic damage.

Now instantly heals for 20+(20 per skill level) and grants 10+(2 per skill level) health regeneration each 3 seconds.
Reduced cooldown from 15 seconds to 12.


Blood for Attack
Now adds 50+(30 per skill level)% physical damage and 50+(10 per skill level)% magic damage, but consumes 10+(5 per skill level)% health per basic attack and reduces health regen by 75%


Thick Armour
Grants 50+(10 per skill level) defense for 3 seconds, during which nightblade starts expelling energy. After the 3 seconds, thick armour explodes, dealing 120+(20 per skill level)% physical and 120(+20 per skill level)% magical damage to nearby enemies.

Weapon Switch

Changed the effect so that the first 2+(2 per skill level) strikes deal the extra damage.


Increased movement speed by 0.1

March my Beauties!
Fixed a bug where damage was being multiplied by bonus damage.


Sign Board

(NEW)Zior’s Wisdom

Item Effect: +2 skill points. Permanently unlocks modding support when picked up.
Item Class: Legendary Craftable
Item Stacks: 1
Steam User: Zior


(NEW)Zior’s Fragment – A shard with the essence of the wind. Obtained when completing the game’s story.


(NEW)Zior’s Wisdom Recipe
Recipe Rarity: Legendary.

Bug Fixes & Feedback Changes

Details of this section:
This section contains the bug fixes that were applied in issues detected in the previous versions.


  • Fixed a bug where redeemer would spawn in boss rooms.
  • Fixed a bug where Slime Gargantulum would stop attacking after using certain abilities.
  • Fixed a bug where the active items rocket and missile could crash upon use.
  • Fixed a bug where difficulty was not being quicksaved.

Known Issues

  • In some systems (both operative system and hardware components), the game has severe lags spikes for brief periods of time. This usually has to do with malfunctioning input devices, but a fix is being developed. If this occurs to you, please send an email to with the operative system you have and hardware, as well as any relevant information (the time you were playing at and what were you doing).
  • Currently, to some players, Steam functionalities are not working under Linux systems, as well as a few in-game functionalities (such as minimap). We are working into resolving this issue.
  • During co-op, heroes have a different currency than the one specified on the HUD, resulting in some characters being able to buy certain items that the other player can’t (due to gold spent). This will be fixed in a future patch.