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Dungeon Souls » Dungeon Souls v1.0.5.5


Details of this section:
This section contains the scope of what patches were made in the current version.

This small update brings some patches to the game and addresses a request we did to the community.

Game Elements


Changed Redeemer’s summon behaviour. Now, the redeemer will appear after a certain amount of time has passed (more than enough to complete the level), regardless of the number of activated marks. It will also appear after activating the final mark.

This change derived from a review requested by players, since the Redeemer’s purpose in the game wasn’t obvious (since you could grind on a level for ever, as long as the last mark remained unactive). Special thanks to Steam user Einko for his suggestion on the matter!


Sign Board
A little bit of a more personal note here: about a year ago, we requested players that helped with the game’s alpha and beta stages to sign a Sign Board, since we had a surprise stored. However, we took a long time to reply to this surprise (even though the original intent never changed, which was personal custom items named after the players) and we’d like to apologize for the time it has taken! In the next patches, ALL people that signed the board up until now will get an item in the game named after them.

We will continue doing and extend this rewarding behaviour to any players we see are worthy of it, being dependent on factors such as their participation in the game, engagement with the community and overall support for the game! ːsteamhappyː

Some of the items have descriptions and effects determined by us. However, if any of the item’s author does not like its item’s effect, please email us so that we change it accordingly ːsteamhappyː

And now, here follows the first batch of items:

(NEW)Brontolo’s Sight

Item Effect: +40% Accuracy. Can see enemies in entire room.
Item Class: Rare
Item Stacks: 1
Steam User: Brontolo

(NEW)SeekNDestroy Missile

Item Effect: On attack, 20/30/40% chance to launch a missile that deals 40/60/80 damage.
Item Class: Rare
Item Stacks: 3
Steam User: SeekNDestroy

(NEW)Daniel Novak (DaxThorn)’s Gem

Item Effect: +10/15% experience gained
Item Class: Rare
Item Stacks: 2
Steam User: DaxThorn

(NEW)Xgpmcnp Cookie Totem

Item Effect:Transforms projectiles into cookies. +2 mixed damage.
Item Class: Uncommon
Item Stacks: 1
Steam User: Xgpmcnp

(NEW)Austinlb90’s Amber

Item Effect: +8/10/12 mixed defense.
Item Class: Uncommon
Item Stacks: 3
Steam User: Austinlb90

Bug Fixes & Feedback Changes

Details of this section:
This section contains the bug fixes that were applied in issues detected in the previous versions.

  • Fixed a bug where the ending cutscenes were being displayed without having freed all heroes.
  • IMPORTANT: Added a temporary fix mechanism to the Out-Of-Map issue. Now, when out of bounds, if the player exceeds a square area around the map, the player will be teleported back to the dungeon’s door.
  • IMPORTANT: Fixed a bug, in internal tests, where difficulty would not unlock. This means that we could no longer reproduce the bug and, players who were contacted by us with this issue no longer could as well. However, we’re still not 100% sure if it’s fixed. If you experience this bug, despite the fix, please email us at or so we can enter in contact with you.
  • Fixed a bug where bane scepter would always crash upon use.
  • Fixed a bug where Power weapons could add negative bonus damage.
  • Fixed a bug where background audio music would fail to change with the slider’s value
  • Fixed a bug where the inventory would disappear with the tutorial’s message.
  • Fixed a bug where the player could take damage during cutscenes.
  • Fixed a bug where the enemies on the core would persist after the core’s stabilization.

Feedback Changes
  • Changed quick-cast so it automatically casts the ability, instead of first shifting to the desired ability and, after a second press, casting it.
  • Implemented a suggestion related to the arcane forge UI described in this post! Thanks Steam user KERBAL BASS
  • Reduced health regeneration passive max value from 3 health per second to 2 health per second (changes all values below it, accordingly)

Known Issues

  • In some systems (both operative system and hardware components), the game has severe lags spikes for brief periods of time. This usually has to do with malfunctioning input devices, but a fix is being developed. If this occurs to you, please send an email to with the operative system you have and hardware, as well as any relevant information (the time you were playing at and what were you doing).
  • Currently, to some players, Steam functionalities are not working under Linux systems, as well as a few in-game functionalities (such as minimap). We are working into resolving this issue.
  • During co-op, heroes have a different currency than the one specified on the HUD, resulting in some characters being able to buy certain items that the other player can’t (due to gold spent). This will be fixed in a future patch.