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Dungeon Souls » Dungeon Souls v1.0.5.4 – Christmas Event Extension and Bug Fixes


Details of this section:
This section contains the scope of what patches were made in the current version.

This small update brings some patches to the game and extends the duration of the christmas event.

Game Elements


Christmas Event

The event’s duration was extended until the 7th of January.

Bug Fixes & Feedback Changes

Details of this section:
This section contains the bug fixes that were applied in issues detected in the previous versions.

  • Fixed a bug where the game would fail to reset its data.
  • Fixed a bug where players could start a tutorial after quicksaving.
  • Fixed a bug where boss music would carry on playing when quick restarting.
  • Fixed a bug where engineer’s landmines and spider bots attempted to hit enemies during invulnerability, resulting in very different damage outputs.
  • Fixed a bug where random enemies could spawn in event areas if the player had looped at least once.
  • Fixed a bug where Slime Gargantulum would fail to attack.
  • Important: Fixed a bug where the game would fail to save the collected gold after displaying an end game cutscene.
  • Fixed a bug where the audio of the ending screen would glitch

Feedback Changes
  • Added a counter that specifies how many required recipes the player has obtained, out of how many required recipes there are (available in the arcane forge crafting menu). Thanks to Steam user Taft for the suggestion!

Known Issues

  • In some systems (both operative system and hardware components), the game has severe lags spikes for brief periods of time. This usually has to do with malfunctioning input devices, but a fix is being developed. If this occurs to you, please send an email to with the operative system you have and hardware, as well as any relevant information (the time you were playing at and what were you doing).
  • Currently, to some players, Steam functionalities are not working under Linux systems, as well as a few in-game functionalities (such as minimap). We are working into resolving this issue.
  • During co-op, heroes have a different currency than the one specified on the HUD, resulting in some characters being able to buy certain items that the other player can’t (due to gold spent). This will be fixed in a future patch.