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Dungeon Souls » Dungeon Souls v1.0.5.2


Details of this section:
This section contains the scope of what patches were made in the current version.

This patch brings some fixes and feedback changes.

Game Elements


Ability Level Up
Changed the level up overlay of abilities so that cooldown is no longer blocked. Thanks to Steam user Zior for the feedback!

Gamepad Deadzone Axis
We’ve added a new option under “Gamepad Settings” that enables the player to customize the global deadzone value for the joysticks of gamepads. The higher the value, the higher the displacement of the joystick needs to be for the game to recognize that the joystick has moved.

Arcane Forge

You can now unequip items. To do so, press ‘R’ (or the Y button on a gamepad) to enter in the unequip mode. Pressing the “pick” key will remove the selected item.


Power Weapons
Changed conversion effect of all power weapons. Now converts 5% of the damage dealt, instead of 100%.

Bug Fixes & Feedback Changes

Details of this section:
This section contains the bug fixes that were applied in issues detected in the previous versions.

  • Fixed a bug where Angry Clouds would leave graphical clutter after death.
  • Fixed a bug where the description of items in the shop could overlay when having a flavour text value of “all”.
  • Fixed a bug where Rockstone Mountain could be repeated indefinitely due to “Strange Rock” spawning after visiting the hidden area.
  • Fixed a bug where the walls on “The End” would miss texture on certain parts.
  • Fixed a bug where the Core’s health would still be drawn even after reaching 0HP.
  • Fixed a bug where the arcane forge’s forged text could appear in other menus.
  • Fixed a bug where the fairy from neophyte ranks would disappear after the first floor.
  • Fixed a glitch where the information messages (such as the pet info) would have weird text placement.
  • Fixed an exploit where chests would spawn after quickloading.
  • Fixed a bug where difficulty settings were not being synched properly.
  • Fixed a bug where gamepads and controllers could bypass difficulty unlocks.
  • Fixed a bug where gamepads would still be found even when “Disable gamepad” was on.
  • Fixed a bug where gamepad deadzone would not be recognized for the right stick (we’re still going to implement the way to customize the deadzone value).
  • Fixed a bug where Chroma Sword recipe was not being granted correctly. Everyone who got all recipes from Chroma event, except the Chroma Sword, will receive the Chroma Sword automatically
  • Fixed a bug where Mac users would not get the game to go window mode with the correct window resolution, when in windowed mode.
  • Improved FPS when casting Archer’s Rain of Arrows.
  • Changed the walls on Rockstone Mountain to contrast better with the floor.
  • Applied an overlay effect to marks on Rockstone Mountain so they could be better distinguished from the floor.
  • Made the item information on the inventory screen more opaque with the goal of providing clearer information.
  • Changed teleporters so that they only stop working if items are near it, not potions.

Known Issues

  • In some systems (both operative system and hardware components), the game has severe lags spikes for brief periods of time. This usually has to do with malfunctioning input devices, but a fix is being developed. If this occurs to you, please send an email to with the operative system you have and hardware, as well as any relevant information (the time you were playing at and what were you doing).
  • Currently, Steam functionalities are not working under Linux systems, as well as a few in-game functionalities (such as minimap). We are working into resolving this issue.