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Spellbook Demonslayers » DreamHack Beyond – mini announcement

Psst. SBDS is in the Dreamhack Beyond Summer Showcase. Check the header to find many mint games.

TRADING CARDS are now available!🥳

There are a total of 10 cards you need to unlock a badge, but each card will drop for 20 minutes played. So just 1 run will bring you a card. Let’s see who has played the longest!

New Bundle with X Invider🤗

My friend from Allaf Studio just released the Bullet Heaven game. It is like the Hades, but you hack the evil corporation’s server. Also, you are the cat. This lovely game is -10% off in the bundle with Spellbook Demonslayers, and with the launch week discount, that will be a whole 15% off.

Future plans😏

Spellbook Demonslayers is planning to add more languages, but we would need your support. If you see something that was translated wrong, or could have better interpretation — tell us on Discord !

Furthermore, there will be a juicy update in September.

Stay tuned!
Liya from Erabit