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Steller Watch » DreamHack Atlanta with Demo 2.7

We are thrilled to be back in Atlanta since MomoCon 2023. Stellar Watch has undergone many changes, and we’re eager to hear your thoughts!

What’s Changed?


  1. Enemies now drop more dark matter
  2. Reworked Starship rotation speeds and initial stats for better gameplay dynamics


  1. Dark Matter drops are now visibly indicated
  2. Drones slightly recoil when hit by enemies for added realism
  3. World map now displays tech names alongside their icons for better navigation


  1. Enhanced visual cues for enemy parts that are invincible
  2. The first few levels are faster-paced, offering a more engaging start (Note: The new version might have compatibility issues with old saved data)


  1. Reduced brightness of non-essential objects, sharpening your focus on the important elements of gameplay


  1. Enjoy faster loading times transitioning from the world map to star selection

DreamHack Atlanta Special

The newest patch will be showcased at DreamHack Indie Select (Booth #33) and will also be available online on 12/15. As a special treat, don’t miss the chance to collect exclusive drone pins at our booth. Your feedback is invaluable to us!

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