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Strike Buster Prototype » Double shock!

Long time no see, players! We are back to update the game!
This time we came with a lot of new content, divided into two parts, the first is the impact of today’s humanoid boss!
Artillery boss
Artillery is good at heavy fire assaults and laying mines.

Sage boss
Sages are good at summoning skills and light ball skills.

Secondly, we have added display pictures for each boss. In future updates, we will add a gallery mode so that everyone can unlock more pictures.

In addition, we will continue to update during the end of the discount.

In the next few weeks, we will also update a new game mode, a new gallery system, and the weekly ranking custom red gun will be reopened again.
This week’s ranking is as follows:
谢拉毕业的第五百八十二天,想她 14926715
谁都爱吃夹心糖 6524196
Theano 3394982
Xin 3284442

See you next week!