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Super Fantasy Kingdom » Don’t be so annoying!

This week was all about being less annoying. With the game being played for the first time it was inevitable that a lot of problems come up. I tried to tackle the most annoying of them first.

I did not expect to implement the highly requested changes to starting resources so fast, but after we found the solution it seemed more feasible. As a thanks to the community I did push trough and implemented it in a day, so its still very WIP but the idea seems to work.

The next big point was the treasure collection. I think it being automatic at night turned out perfect.

That leaves us with the king. He was only ever meant as a small random bonus, but that seems to be very annoying to some. I have an idea for him to make him more imminent useful without making him too OP or micro management intensive.


The second topic of the week was definitely translatability. Our community members xvierlh, Raxxa and lost have started translating the game to Spanish, Italian and Brazilian Portuguese. Thanks! And they are so damn fast I had to make more of the game translatable. That was almost like a race. It took two full days but now everything, but attack and rank descriptions, is translatable. I’ll try to release the German language soon. If you want to help translating the game just write me on Discord! Its really important to get the word out.


One of the most reported problem with the game is about the game’s feedback. What does that? How does this work? I know this is very annoying, but getting that perfect will be a long process. As a solo dev I have to focus. So I can only spend the hours to properly explain any function once I know it’ll stay that way and works. I hope you can help me get there.

Demo Build 13

– Added x1.5 and x2.5 UI scaling
– Made jester achievement a little easier
– Miniboss not trigger-able before morning

– Skeleton damage increased
– Cyclops cooldown reduced
– Halfling increased scaling damage
– Werewolf increased scaling damage
– Monk increased base damage
– Runescribe scaling damage slightly reduced
– Deathpriest scaling damage slightly reduced
– Deathpriest minion damage reduced

– Fixed boost option showing when not having any beer
– Fixed hero Inspire upgrade no second upgrade on level 6
– Fixed level up data display bug in certain resolutions
– Fixed achievements still appearing as unlocked after resetting data
– Fixed resources in buildings not displaying after loading
– Fixed dragging unit with two mouse buttons clicked
– Fixed cartographer displaying wrong boss
– Fixed Djinn evolution displaying wrong unit sprites in UI
– Fixed two holy water making cloak
– Fixed boost button input prompt clickable when it shouldn’t
– Fixed save scramble bug
– Fixed clicking unit building of an evolved unit

Demo Build 14

– New title screen
– Added marker on unit cards if passive has been unlocked
– Jobs do not got assigned when being paused anymore

– Fixed newly built buildings displaying resources
– Fixed buffs not applying at morning
– Fixed buffs applying twice
– Fixed units range visible while walking to tavern when hovering it at combat end

Demo Build 15

– Added selectable starting resources! Get orbs at a new mysterious stone to select resources at the start of your runs. WIP
– Rebuilding spots resources are predefined now
– Targets of Demon Spider or minibosses cannot be moved anymore
– Changed wheat world drop sprite
– Took out TactiCon Challenge explanation

– Increased squid miniboss scaling health
– King stays a bit longer in buildings

– Fixed demon spider only dropping two coins
– Fixed glory not added when skipping at wrong moment of the calculation
– Fixed hero powerups being able to upgrade speed three times
– Fixed satyr rank 1 description
– Fixed a wheat storage spot being blocked by wagon even after delivering
– 27th (and 28th) try to fix the stable bug :slight_smile:

Demo Build 16

– Added messages to explain weather
– Glory amount always visible, clickable for tutorial
– Portal and Hero do not offer owned units anymore
– Impossible road upgrades are transparent
– Treasure drops brighter at night
– Witch overlay does not open when all units passives are unlocked
– Clicking resources bar to open dropdown closes tooltips
– Night a bit blueish
– Changed Beholder name to Observer

– Fixed starting resources being applied twice
– Fixed Lich not having a passive ability
– Fixed downed units getting beer boosted
– Fixed holy water not applying wet on hit
– Fixed performance problems related to road upgrades
– Fixed units pinned by bosses could still be swapped
– Fixed jester passive description

Demo Build 17

– Added magnet powerup that increases your cursors treasure magnet range
– Remaining treasure gets automatically collected after combat
– Signs in front of resource buildings get red when there are more jobs assigned than resource deposits available
– Removed charm powerup
– Improved wording on greed powerup

– Increased Demon Spider health and scaling health a bit
– Increased Halfling scaling damage
– Increased Skeleton scaling damage

– Fixed dying animations not visible
– Fixed building roads from upgraded paths
– Fixed Demon Spider not pinning targets
– Fixed clicking on food dropdown button prompt

Demo Build 18

– All items and their descriptions are translatable
– All tutorials are translatable
– Almost completed translation to German

– Increased deathpriest cooldown by 0.5s

– Fixed shield value resetting below max value
– Fixed dead units could be healed
– Fixed top bar cursor when exiting clickable elements
– Fixed UI scaling not applying on load
– Fixed Hero still offering owned units
– Fixed hovering fairy building

Demo Build 19

– Complete story, actors, guest UI, vein UI, attributes and roles are translatable
– Added a new dialogue
– Building menu more readable

– Shaman lost his fear of heights
– Increased Shaman scaling damage

– Fixed Hourglass description
– Fixed Knight directly attacking next target
– Fixed being able to upgrade dead units
– Fixed red signs at the start of day
– Fixed bolt with Metal Arrow could hit the same target twice
– Fixed boy always giving Armor