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Samurai Survivors » DOJO – Playable Main Menu (with Video!)

Hello everyone!

I’m gonna be honest, I don’t like making UI. It’s buggy, needs lots of work and needs to be aesthetically pleasing. Being a solo developer focused on programming, UI is nightmare for me. So for samurai survivors, I’m making a playable main menu / world hub. Check out here:

This place is where you will:

  • Unlock new attacks
  • See your collected souls in a huge pile
  • Unlock and travel to new maps
  • Unlock and equip starter weapons
  • See enemy types and descriptions
  • See your total game stats
  • And maybe see more story content (I wonder what’s behind that door?)

Souls are the permanent resource you gain from playing levels. You’ll see a real representation of your hoard. It can get quite crowded as you can see it in the video. Just try not to think about how many spirit you’ve slain to achieve that horde

Of course this is not the only menu in the game. There is a traditional pause menu which you can access by pressing ESC anytime. Seems like I can’t fully escape from the evil grasps of UI ːsteamsadː

I love making things jump, scale, bounce and shake (called Juice among game devs) and this game is full of that. The main menu also reflects that. If that’s not your cup of tea, you can disable most of them from options.

So what do you think? Post a comment below