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Vampire Survivors » DLC & Patch 1.8.206

v1.8.206 Tweaks

Seal 2 power-up now gives 2 seals per rank instead of 1
– Fixed Area and Duration scaling of Fuwalafuwaloo
– Bug fixes from previous version
– For more information on Adventures please see:

Emergency Meeting DLC info


  • 9 playable characters
  • 15 new weapons (of which 7 evolutions)
  • A new large stage
  • A new Adventure
  • 6 brand new music tracks
  • 20 in-game-only achievements

Out now


Main FAQs:

How to start the DLC?
The new stage will appear right away at the bottom of the Stage Selection menu. You’ll see 20 new entries in the Unlocks menu to guide you through the rest of the content.
Otherwise, if you’ve played the Dairy Plant at least once, you’ll also be able to play the “Emergency Meeting” Adventure from the adventures menu.

Will the main game keep receiving free updates and content?
Yes, DLCs will always be purely extra content in terms of Stages, Monsters, Weapons, Characters etc.
Items, Power-ups, game mechanics and more will continue to be added to the base game, so if you don’t pick up the DLC you don’t have to fear missing out.
We’ll keep having free updates like the recent Whiteout for example, including new base-game Adventures. The vast majority of planned updates for 2023 will be free.

Does the DLC have achievements?
No, there are no platform-level achievements for Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting. There are in-game achievements to unlock (in the Unlocks menu as usual), but no Xbox/Steam achievements. More info on this here:

Will you only do collabs going forward?
No, we’re indeed talking to a few people to make other collabs happen, but we also have our own content updates in the works, as usual.

Hope you have fun with the DLC, and if not, please send us some feedback, thank you! 🙏