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Discvivors » Discvivors Early Access & version Release!

Discvivors has now been released for Early Access and along with the release I published a major update to the game which I have been working on for the past couple of weeks in preparation for today. After this release I will be monitoring Steam and email ( for bug reports, suggestions, feedback, etc and will be doing my best to resolve any issues encountered as quickly as possible. My initial plan for now is to release bug fixes every 1-2 weeks (sooner for critical / game breaking bugs whenever possible) followed by content updates such as new classes, maps, etc on a monthly basis until we reach the full release of the game which I hope to do within 6 months.

Thank you everyone who has shown interest in or purchased the game and I look forward to hearing feedback from everyone.

Below are the updates which were made to the game for the release today:

– New & improved skills
– New visual effects for several skills
– New enemies
– New bosses
– New Labyrinth map added
– Game wide balancing sweeps (both player and enemies)
– Some AI & pathing tweaks
– Addressed some bugs regarding damage being done by player skills
– Added damage numbers
– Added a cap for Armor upgrade so it cannot go above 90% reduction
– Added a Stats box on the Level Up and Pause menus to view detailed stats of your character for the current run
– Added Rotation Speed and Game Speed settings to the Pause menu
– Added scaling for Gold and Experience gains so that as the difficulty increases over time through each run your Gold and Experience gains also increase to help keep pace with the increased challenge
– Increased rewards for clearing maps
– Increased / modified rewards for some enemy kills