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Disc Room » Disc Room v1.02 has arrived in orbit of Jupiter

1.02 fixes:

  • You’ll no longer get stuck in the wall using Slow.
  • You’ll be able to use Mirror when next to a wall.
  • Fix for one of the ???????? rooms not unlocking.
  • Fix for absorb not unlocking for some people.
  • Fix for hard mode not unlocking for some people.
  • Fix for the boss rush ???????? room.
  • Fix for splitter and clone disc exploits.
  • UI sound for leaderboard page toggle.
  • Improved blast collision.
  • Small tweak to timeless.
  • You’ll no longer start hard mode with a best of 30 on the first room.
  • Tweaked sound volumes for the first and final gatekeeper.
  • Less than 30 deaths challenge will no longer show the wrong value.
  • Gatekeeper phase 1 visual fix.
  • Dash trail visual fix at higher game speeds.
  • Final area performance improvements.
  • Clone performance improvements.
  • Door lock sound fix.