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Okay, this is a big one. Some changes are experimental, excited to see your feedback so I can tweak everything to perfection!
I set up a Discord server so it’s easier to communicate now: Join here


New feature: Difficulties!

  • After surviving the normal difficulty, you can now progress Nightmare 1 to 5
  • Every hero has his own difficulty progression
  • The nightmare modifiers will add unique challenges to the game

New feature: Items!

  • Every boss will now drop a chest containing an item (plus additional loot)
  • Items are a good opportunity to get mighty upgrades, but they have cursed modifiers that might alter your gameplay

Damage type rework!
The damage types and modifiers caused confusion, so I streamlined them:

  • Physical Damage: 75% chance to knock back enemies on hit on default
  • Fire Damage: 50% chance to burn enemies on hit on default
  • Ice Damage: 30% chance to freeze enemies on hit on default. Frozen enemies take additional frost damage on hit
  • Arcane Damage: +1 projectile chain on default. Projectiles deal 50% more damage after every chain

The following perks will unlock perks that are specialized on these damage types:

  • Manual Of Might
  • Scroll Of Fire
  • Book Of Ice
  • Tome Of Mysteries

I tweaked alot of perks to fit the rework and added a bunch of new ones.

  • New modifier: Knockback on hit
  • You can now toggle auto attack with the right mouse button
  • You can now see an overview of active perks and items when you pause the game or get a new perk/item
  • Added a spawn animation to drops
  • Added a sound effect to xp pickups
  • Added categories to the achievement panel
  • Added a bunch of new achievements, the total is 52 now

(Since I rearranged some achievements, I changed how the heroes get unlocked. You might have to unlock them again.)


Aric changes:

  • Aric got two perks: Get a full heal every time you kill a boss & Knock back close enemies when you crit
  • Slightly increased the attack speed of Aric but reduced his range

Ember changes:

  • Reworked his perks due to the damage type rework. He is now able to spread burns instead

  • Removed the perk Wildfire
  • Buffed the scroll speed for the achievement panel by 200%
  • Increased the spawn rates and pack sizes of all enemies
  • Modified the projectile range of some enemies
  • Normal skeletons and normal zombies now move a little bit faster
  • Reduced Mistys additional projectile chain from 2 to 1
  • Removed Supernova as a Perk but added Supernova as a Prefix for items
  • Changed Supernova so you can still aim with your frontal projectiles. The nova projectiles are additional and not affected by additional projectiles anymore.
  • Polished the chain mechanic
  • Blades Of Justice now scales with projectile damage modifiers
  • Decreased the chance for mimic spawns
  • The Zombie Bears spawn BIG XP now


  • Removed the slowdown on attack when Misty is on her broom
  • Added the missing walking sound to Misty
  • Additional minor fixes