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:steam: V1.0.0 IS HERE! :steam:

Our full version features:

  • 5 Playable Characters
  • 14 Weapons
  • 400- Upgrades
  • 2 Maps: Forest and Mountain
  • 50+ Plot Twists
    • Destroy the King Shriekers
    • Go Berserk! Become ENRAGED!
    • Drink from Fountains of Mana
    • Eat a Spicy Pepper
    • Become a Spectral Farmer
    • Suffer from Temporal Distortion
    • …and many more!
  • 76 Steam Achievements


New Map: Mountain!

  • Ascend the snowy mountain, overcoming all-new enemies and the elements, skate through ice patches and avoid massive snowballs. Good luck up there!


  • Added 2 upgrade diamonds (8 upgrades)
  • Added 2 secret upgrades
  • Several upgrades now also grant bonuses to pets: All Ignite, Poison, and ||REDACTED|| upgrade diamonds, and a few others

Boss Upgrades

  • Added 2 boss upgrades
  • Faster Than Before: Now lowers the cooldown of the character skill substantially more
  • Several upgrades now also grant bonuses to pets: Chain Reaction, Forest Fire, Master of Elements


  • Added 3 new secondary weapons!
  • Wand: Weapon art overhauled, check out the new look!
  • Wand: Noxious Leak: Now requires only 2 hits to spawn the poison pool
  • Tesla Coil: Decreased a hidden attack size buff on several of the base tree upgrades
  • Tesla Coil: Cooldown slightly increased
  • Acid Bottles: Upgrades that recover cooldown while standing in the pool nerfed substantially
  • Nikola’s Scope: Pretty Overpowered Laser: Chance for OP beam moderately decreased


  • Added 2 new characters!


  • Aura: Range slightly decreased, Terrified Approach upgrade now applies Chill
  • Tumble Roll: Fast Rolls now grants a visual buff. Fearsome Roar damage scales better with run duration. Destructive Rollout now grants a damage buff.


  • Completely rebalanced Pets!
  • With luck and upgrades, you can do a full-fledged Pet build
  • Added a Pet upgrade diamond
  • Bucky (the unicorn) stomps in a slightly smaller area

Other Stuff

  • Improved a number of keybindings
  • Lots of small UI improvements on different screens
  • You can now skip voting on a Plot Twist
  • Doom’s explosion size was slightly lowered, but there’s a ton more ways to get Doom now!
  • All enemies now have biggified versions
  • Magnet range buffed
  • Added a fourth tier of XP pickup that will show up with some Plot Twists

Bug Fixes

There were hundreds of bugs fixed prior to launch. Here are a few highlights:

  • Fixed and improved lots of assets, missing or incomplete animations
  • Fixed issues with sounds playing too frequently/at the same time
  • Improvements to performance on the Steam build using native tools
  • Shiny (the pet) will no longer cause his other pet friends to orbit you wildly
  • Fixed a bunch of issues where upgrades weren’t correctly showing what they will apply to