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NIMRODS: GunCraft Survivor » Devlog #6

Hey everyone!

We brought NIMRODS to the Unity Developer Days convention in Austin on last Thursday! Not only did we get a bunch of great feedback on our game, but it also served as a fantastic networking opportunity to search for publishers, and it also gave us an exclusive glimpse into Unity’s future plans and features. We had the pleasure of showing off our game to fellow indie developers, aspiring students, and people from the Unity team 🙂

Overall, people responded positively to NIMRODS, which makes us even more excited to unveil the game’s transformative potential in just a few months!

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Patch Notes
  • Nothing this week. Check back later!

  • Tier 1 Tech Module Rate of Fire penalty reduced to x0.6 from x.0.55
  • Tier 2 Tech Module Bullet Damage penalty increased to x0.85 from x0.92
  • Tech Module: Bidirectional Attractor cumulative fire penalty reduced to x0.63 from x0.61
  • Tech Module: Enhanced Vulnerability Crit Chance and Crit Damage bonuses increased to +35% from +30%

  • Fixed an issue that caused freezes when leveling up

Short update this week. That’s because we’re hard at work trying to push a different game out the door so it’s no longer pressing down on us; that way we can focus exclusively on NIMRODS for a while and work furiously on it until its Steam Demo Release! Hope you’ll come along with us for the ride!

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